» » The peculiarities of working an escort girl

The peculiarities of working an escort girl
The peculiarities of working an escort girl

In prostitution work, as in other professions, there are a lot of peculiarities. It’s not enough just to put the photo on the agency's website and earn a lot of money. The girl, who has decided to make a living in such a way, should have a special talent. Natural sexuality, pretty face and a beautiful body will not be enough for customers. Each escort girl must have a spark of desire, though not to a customer, but to intimate pleasures. Could a man be pleased to have sex with a woman when he saw her lying on the bed with bored expression on her face? Representatives of sterner sex do not like a woman-partner "stiff as a board". Not even mentioning sex for money with such a "board” sample.

What qualities are necessary to work as a woman of pleasure?

Attractive appearance. Men like to watch. External beauty for them plays a leading role. In addition, the escort girl is not his future wife to discover the beauty of her soul. Physical contact – that is important. Girl who decided to make money by making love, should awake sexual lust at first sight - we understand that perfectly. So on our site there are only real photos of the models.

Passion. Well, it's not passion towards man, but passion for sexual pleasures. Only in such a way  a girl can get through with a client.

A will to develop skills. Sex and sensuality is a huge field for the development of professional skills. You can learn the art of striptease, erotic massage. There are many options. As it is said: where there is a will…

Readiness for sexual experimentation. The more professional and relaxed escort girl is, the more expensive her services are, and the demand for her is also bigger. If a woman is practicing exclusively oral and classical sex, interest in her services gradually fades. If she is ready for new discoveries and experiments, she’ll always be able to surprise a customer. For example, to learn lesbian show or tantric sex.

Beautiful shape and plastic body. Elite escort girls who prettify by-time in Kiev, must have  ideal body. Cellulite and drooping belly – those are pictures that any man can see at home. As for plasticity, the strip show full of flexible and smooth movements is the best candy for male eyes.

Girls working in our agency have all these criteria. That is why they are so popular among men. Beautiful wild lady-cats will give you the greatest pleasure of the sexual pleasures!

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